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Nature Observed: Connie Borup, Painter

Grade Levels: 6 - 12
Core Subject(s): Fine Arts - Visual Arts
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  • Beginning A Painting - Capturing The Desired Color Values

    Painter Connie Borup begins a painting that will feature leaves while talking about the beginning stages of creation. First, she paints the entire canvas with a color that has the same value that she wants in the finished piece. Next she draws outlines of shapes on top of this underpainting. Then she fills in the shapes, building layers of color that add richness. Finally she uses glazes to create the darkest areas.

    Length: 00:01:26
  • Creating A Mood Through Painting

    Connie Borup talks about her longtime interest in painting trees having lead her to a new interest in painting leaves and in exploring their patterns after they have fallen to the ground. She describes her goal of creating an intimate space where the viewer can experience a place by themselves, all alone, and enjoy a quiet, meditative experience. Her execution of this idea is illustrated through a series of her paintings.

    Length: 00:04:29



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