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Africans in America

Grade Levels: 9 - 12
Core Subject(s): Social Studies
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  • Africans in America. Part 01-The Terrible Transformation.

    Examines the origins of one of the largest forced human migrations in recorded history. After the arrival of the first Africans in Virginia, the British colonies lay the groundwork for a system of racial slavery, which generates profits that ensure the colonies' growth and survival. Teacher's Guide at:

    Length: 01:26:47
  • Africans in America. Part 04-Judgment Day.

    The nation expands westward; slavery becomes the most divisive issue in American life. Abolitionists struggle to bring the institution down, and the nation is tested as never before. As tensions over slavery erupt into violence, Americans are forced to consider how long the country can continue as a democracy built on the profits of bondage.

    Length: 01:26:48
  • Africans in America: Pt.2 - Revolution

    While the American colonies challenge Britain for independence, American slavery is challenged from within as men and women fight to define what America will be. When the War of Independence is won, Black people, both enslaved and free, seize on the language of freedom even while the new nation's Constitution codifies slavery and oppression as a national way of life. Teacher's Guide at:

    Length: 01:26:48
  • Africans in America: Pt.3 - Brotherly Love

    Explores the first fifty years of the new nation. In Philadelphia, freedmen and fugitive slaves push the country to live up to the promises made in its Constitution. But with the invention of the cotton gin, slavery expands into America's western frontier, and a revolution in Haiti inspires slave rebellions throughout the southern United States. Teacher's Guide at:

    Length: 01:26:49



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