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Grade Levels: 6 - 12
Core Subject(s): Mathematics, Science, CTE/Information Technology
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  • CI-WATER?s Adel Abdallah: Get Involved with Science Activities

    CI-WATER research assistant and USU graduate student Adel Abdallah chose a career in STEM after discovering a passion for science through science fairs and activities.

    Length: 00:00:01
  • CI-WATER?s Erfan Goharian: Choosing STEM to Solve Real-World Problems

    CI-WATER research assistant and U of U doctoral student Erfan Goharian explains that he chose a career in STEM because he sees water rationing as a problem he might help solve.

    Length: 00:00:01
  • CI-WATER?s Ginger Paige: Get Your Hands Dirty

    CI-WATER’s Ginger Paige, an Associate Professor at the University of Wyoming and STEM education expert, says a STEM career starts with playing in the mud.

    Length: 00:00:01
  • CI-WATER?s Herman Dolder: Fun and Games in Science

    CI-WATER research assistant Herman Dolder designs educational games and helps create hydrological models. In this video, he explains why he likes his job.

    Length: 00:00:01
  • CI-WATER?s Jeff McCarty: When Everything Clicks Together

    CI-WATER research assistant and BYU Master’s student Jeff McCarty answers the question, “Why a career in STEM?” by explaining that he loves that moment when he’s figured out how something works.

    Length: 00:00:01
  • CI-WATER?s Robert Steinke: Persistance is Key

    CI-WATER computer programmer Bob Steinke answers the question, “Why a career in STEM?” by explaining the rewards of persistence when working with computers.

    Length: 00:00:01
  • CI-WATER?s Wencong Lai: Interest is the Best Teacher

    CI-WATER and University of Wyoming?s postdoc research associate Wencong Lai says ?Interest is the best teacher? in this video on why he chose a career in STEM.

    Length: 00:00:01



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