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Living Planet Aquarium

Grade Levels: 3 - 8
Core Subject(s): Science
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  • Living Planet Aquarium: Can Utah survive without snow?

    Utah has some of the best snow on Earth, but what would happen if it only ever rained instead of snowed? Would it just upset the skiers and snowboarders of the world? All people, plants, and animals depend on water for so many reasons. Find out where we get it, how much we use, and why it’s important that it falls as snow instead of rain. Join us as we Explore, Discover, and Learn about what makes snowpack so important here in Utah.

    Length: 00:05:53
  • Living Planet Aquarium: Do Fish Drink Water?

    Fish! Every aquarium has them. The oceans, lakes, and rivers of the world are full of them. As a living organism, fish need food to live, but have you ever wondered if they also have to drink? They live in the water and most can’t survive outside of it, so do they just drink while they swim? Explore, Discover, and Learn about whether or not fish drink water in this fun episode. 

    Length: 00:04:39
  • Living Planet Aquarium: Great Salt Lake Whales - Fact or Fiction?

    Ever heard the myth about whales living in Great Salt Lake? In this episode, we explore this fun legend to see if the science supports the myth. Discover how adaptions make it possible for various marine animals to live in salt water, and learn what makes Great Salt Lake one of the saltiest bodies of water around. Let’s check it out!

    Length: 00:07:22
  • Living Planet Aquarium: Why Do We Need Water?

    The human body is made up of all sorts of stuff, but a great deal of it is water. Water, that flavorless, but definitely not worthless liquid—what does it actually do for us? Explore, Discover, and Learn all about why water is the life blood of all living things on Earth.

    Length: 00:05:14



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