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Thursday, October 14th, 2021
12:00 AM The Legacy List with Matt Paxton
Haul in the Family / Manheim, PA
Margaret: The Rebel Princess
Part Two
12:15 AM
12:30 AM
12:45 AM
1:00 AM Autoline THIS WEEK
China Takes The Lead
The Hispanic Heritage Awards
1:15 AM
1:30 AM Ultimate Guide to Fly Fishing
Saltwater Fly Fishing - Shallow Water
1:45 AM
2:00 AM Hearts of Glass

Raising The Future: The Child Care Crisis
2:15 AM
2:30 AM
2:45 AM
3:00 AM America's Heartland

Finding Your Roots
The Shirts On Their Backs
3:15 AM
3:30 AM In The Americas with David Yetman
Peoples of Oaxaca and the Arrival of Holy Week
3:45 AM
4:00 AM On Story
Scott Frank: A Screenwriter's Design
Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum
I Am Abraham Lincoln/I Am Jane Jacobs
4:15 AM
4:30 AM Great Directors: Making of 21st Century Hollywood
Immigrant Filmmakers
Ants In Arthur's Pants/Don't Ask Muffy
4:45 AM
5:00 AM Expeditions with Patrick McMillan
Grandfather Mountain, Island in the Sky
Molly of Denali
Operation Sleepover/Beneath The Surface
5:15 AM
5:30 AM Changing Seas
Sea Turtles: The Lost Years
Wild Kratts
Praying Mantis
5:45 AM
6:00 AM Home Diagnosis
Brooklyn, Ny 1600's Verses #Tinylab
Hero Elementary
The Feed for Speed / An Uphill Task
6:15 AM
6:30 AM Conscious Living
Ready, Set, Go!
Alma's Way
Beatbox Big Time/Super Sisters
6:45 AM
7:00 AM NHK Newsline

Curious George
Monkey Hoedown/Curious George Clowns Around
7:15 AM
7:30 AM Dw Euromaxx

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel Thinks of Others/Daniel Thinks of What Margaret Needs
7:45 AM
8:00 AM Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews
Younger Muscles In 30 Days
Donkey Hodie
Bye Bye, Book/Tater Buddies
8:15 AM
8:30 AM Happy Yoga with Sarah Star
Sunrise Delight
Elinor Wonders Why
Speed Racer/One of These Goats
8:45 AM
9:00 AM Biology of Plants
Exploring Plant Reproduction
Sick Day for Amos McGee
9:15 AM Biology of Plants
Gymnosperms and Angiosperms
Prime Radicals
A Cute Look at Angles
9:30 AM Essential Math Series
Volume and Density
9:45 AM Biology of Plants
Investigating Plant Structure and Function
One Cool Friend
10:00 AM Biology of Plants
Investigating Simple Plants
Dinosaur Train
Haunted Roundhouse/Big Pond Pumpkin Patch
10:15 AM
10:30 AM Biology of Plants
Origin and Diversity of Plants
Clifford The Big Red Dog
The Birdwell Times/Night at the Library
10:45 AM Everyday Conflicts: Conflict Resolution

11:00 AM Science & Discovery (Kuen)
Sensible Sustainable Solutions In Homes & Communities
Sesame Street
The Waiting Game
11:15 AM
11:30 AM Science & Discovery (Kuen)
The Science of Modern Biofuels
Pinkalicious & Peterrific
Robotta's Singing Delivery Service/The Rhyme Off
11:45 AM
12:00 PM Let's Learn
Thin and Thick Both Start with Th!
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel's Substitute Teacher
12:15 PM
12:30 PM Let's Go Luna!
D'orsay Day/Honey In Paris
12:45 PM
1:00 PM Steve Trash Science
Wonderful Wildlife / Robots Rock
Nature Cat
The Deal with Eels/Skip It!
1:15 PM
1:30 PM Wild Animal Orphans
Tooth Trouble and Game Count
Wild Kratts
Praying Mantis
1:45 PM
2:00 PM Creative Living

Alma's Way
Beatbox Big Time/Super Sisters
2:15 PM
2:30 PM Growing A Greener World
In Susan's Garden
Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum
I Am Abraham Lincoln/I Am Jane Jacobs
2:45 PM
3:00 PM Real Life 101: Real Jobs, Great Career Choices
Radiation Oncologist - Salvation Army Area Commander - Digital Artist
Odd Squad
O Games
3:15 PM
3:30 PM Teen Kids News

Ants In Arthur's Pants/Don't Ask Muffy
3:45 PM
4:00 PM Quilting Arts
Over The Top
Molly of Denali
Operation Sleepover/Beneath The Surface
4:15 PM
4:30 PM Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting
Ready Jet Go!
Moon Circus/Every Day Is Earth Day
4:45 PM
5:00 PM Knit and Crochet Now
Baby Napper
Bottled Up
5:15 PM
5:30 PM It's Sew Easy
Step Up
BBC World News America
5:45 PM
6:00 PM Cycle Around Japan Highlights

PBS NewsHour
6:15 PM
6:30 PM Plan Stronger TV
Financial Therapy Session
6:45 PM
7:00 PM DW News

This Is Utah
Go Dog Go
7:15 PM
7:30 PM NHK Newsline

Outdoor Idaho
Creative License
7:45 PM
8:00 PM The Whole Truth with David Eisenhower
Democratic Socialism Versus Democratic Capitalism
Midsomer Murders
A Dying Art
8:15 PM
8:30 PM American Stories: Race Amity and the Other Traditions
The General and the Quaker: Harriet Tubman and Thomas Garrett
8:45 PM Midsomer Murders
A Dying Art
9:00 PM Massacre River: The Woman Without A Country

9:15 PM
9:30 PM Antiques Roadshow Recut
Newport, Part 6
9:45 PM
10:00 PM Laura Flanders Show

May to December (Kued)
Until It's Time for You to Go
10:15 PM
10:30 PM Roadtrip Nation
Get Out There
Rick Steves' Europe
Galicia and the Camino De Santiago
10:45 PM
11:00 PM DW Global 3000

Grantchester On Masterpiece
Season 6, Episode 2
11:15 PM
11:30 PM History of Jewish American Achievement (Kuen)
Jewish Americans and World War 2
11:45 PM