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Natural Heroes focuses on people making a positive difference for the environment and enhancing the world around us. Each episode of Natural Heroes is created by different independent filmmakers, making each episode quite unique. These are diverse, inspiring stories featured within an eclectic program unlike any other.


  • Brower Youth Awards 2014

    THE BROWER YOUTH AWARDS honors legendary environmental activist David Brower, and calls forth a new generation of leaders. From neighborhood solar power in Michigan to banning Styrofoam in Hawaii to food security in Nepal, meet six young people honored for their outstanding activism and achievements in the fields of environmental and social justice advocacy. (past Brower Youth Awards have won Emmy Awards on Natural Heroes)

    Length: 00:26:46
    Usage rights: 2/5/2016 to 2/4/2019
  • Brower Youth Awards 2015

    Who's responsible for some of North America's most creative environmental victories? Meet an urban garden activist in the Bronx, water conservation activists in droughtstricken Nevada and California, and students proving art makes a difference. THE BROWER YOUTH AWARDS celebrates a new generation of leaders. (past Brower Youth Awards have won Emmy Awards on Natural Heroes)

    Length: 00:26:46
    Usage rights: 2/9/2016 to 2/8/2019
  • Nature's Orchestra

    Musician and renowned nature sound scientist Bernie Krause leads a soundscape expedition to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It is spring. Along with animal voices including migratory bird songs, the barking of a fox, and a grizzly's sniff, the expedition records the melting of permafrost and other evidence of climate change. Find out why Bernie's sound work is profoundly important.

    Length: 00:26:45
    Usage rights: 1/29/2016 to 1/28/2019
  • School's Out: Lessons from a Forest Kindergarten

    No classroom for these kindergarteners. In a suburb of Zurich, Switzerland, children go to kindergarten in the woods every day, no matter what the weatherman says. This eyeopening film looks into the important question of what it is that children need at that age. There is laughter, beauty and amazement in the process of finding out. (many film festival awards including Best Educational Film and Best Documentary Short)

    Length: 00:26:45
    Usage rights: 1/26/2016 to 1/25/2019
  • The Invisible Peak

    Hidden in plain sight. Through breathtaking time-lapse cinematography and historical footage, THE INVISIBLE PEAK tells the virtually unknown story of the "missing" West Peak of Mt. Tamalpais in the San Francisco Bay Area, and how local engaged citizens have been fighting to restore their mountain to a natural state for over 30 years. Movingly narrated by Peter Coyote.

    Length: 00:26:46
    Usage rights: 2/2/2016 to 2/1/2019